Thursday, September 08, 2005

Tarzan craze in Switzerland

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A new extreme sport which involves swinging Tarzan-style from tree-to-tree is the latest craze in Switzerland.

Thousands of people are flocking to special parks to try the new adrenalin sport 100 feet above the ground.

It involves people launching themselves off specially constructed wooden platforms in the treetops and swinging on a harness to the next tree.

Adventure parks in the country's Alpine mountains have reported soaring visitor numbers as the craze took hold this summer.

Rolf Ryser, manager and instructor at the Seilpark Gantrisch park just outside Bern, said: "People have changed the way they spend their leisure time.

"They want new challenges, to become more active and do something to get their hearts beating faster."

Enthusiast Jeannette Grindat said: "It demands full concentration so you don't have any time to think about how high you are, or what it would be like to fall. You're really pushed to the limit."

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