Thursday, October 13, 2005

Smurfs Get Bombed!

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So UNICEF has decided to use the Smurfs in their new anti-war campaign. (Click the Smurf pic below to watch the video). The results are hillarious, and not at all effective. Most reasonable people know that war sucks. But another thing that sucks almost as much is The Smurfs. Seriously, who the hell likes Smurfs? They're basically shitty hairless rats that lived inside mushrooms. Call me crazy, but I call that vermin. Fuck Smurfs. I'm pro-Gargamel all the way. He might have been a bit weird, but that dude had the right idea. Kill those bastards. I remember getting sick in my stomach watching them as a kid. Even then I somehow knew how horribly shitty they were. And today, as a slightly more intelligent adult, I realize they sent kids some pretty awful messages. Firstly, the only differentiation between the Smurfs were their labels. They didn't even have names! Just social classifications. Forget unity and equality. I learned as a kid that labeling other people was how society works. Thanks Smurfs, you classist piece of propaganda, you. And what's up with Smurfett? She rocked stripper-grade high heels, and judging from the obvious lack of female smurfs in the mushroom village, must have been the town baby factory. Poor lady. Were all those Smurfs Papa Smurf's kids or did everyone screw Smurfett? Either way, that shit ain't right at all.

Anyway, if you want to laugh, click the pic below and watch the terrific footage of the godless little blue wretches getting the crap bombed out of them.

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(Click to watch!)

(For another link to a longer version of the commericial, click here)

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