Thursday, December 29, 2005

Tokusatsu Goodness

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Many years ago, my old roommate Yadig showed me a video called "Sword of The Ninja" that came with an action figure. The movie told the story of Shishimaru, a young man in Feudal Japan who would transform into Lion Maru (see below) with the aid of a magic sword. Lion Maru would fight the Devil Gozun with the aid of his friends and use a magical flute to summon Hikarimaru, a white pegasus.

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In short, it was the best fucking movie I've ever seen. Spectacularly bad FX, a crazy non-sensical plot, and the best (worst) overdubs I've ever heard. Not to mention flying ninjas and craptacular pyrotechincs. I would literally fight a feral bobcat to watch it again.

Since seeing Lion Maru, I started reading about Tokusatsu, which is the Japanese term for Special effects that is used to classify
live-action sci-fi/fantasy/horror movie/TV productions. Great sites like Japanhero have aided in my quest for knowledge of the greatest television genre ever. And I've been on a mission to find clips ever since.

So thanks to Google video, I found two episodes of "Kamen Rider Black" last night. Rather than explain the show, read this to get an idea of what to expect:

"Kamen Rider Black's combat techniques are "Rider Chop", "Rider Punch" and "Rider Kick". He can also fire a burst of energy from his belt called "King Stone Flash". His other powers include "Complex Eyes", eyes glow red and allow him to see in the dark. "'Power Stipes", yellow-red-yellow bands on his neck, wrists and ankles glow as energy is projeted to rebel webs and other sticky fluids used against him by the Gorgom monsters. "Super Ear", triangular structures on both sides of his head will glow purple, allows him to hear sounds, such as cries for help, from far away."

Now if that didn't sell you, I don't know what will...

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