Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Where to get an X-Box 360 this weekend!

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So I signed up for this service (notify360.com) and I was just informed about the next shipment of X-Boxes coming in. Not enough people actually read this blog for me to be worried that I'll have to fight nerds in my hometown in line, so I think it's safe to share the info with anyone who might be interested. Plus this info is all over the net, so I'm sufficently protected from my fellow gamer wrath.

Best Buy is getting shipments in on the 16th, and they go on sale on the 18th. First, go HERE and enter your zip to find the corresponding store number. Then
in order to find out how many each specific store is getting go HERE. Then wait in line with your fellow nerd brothers and sisters on Sunday morning regardless of the elements.

I figure if I don't get one, this post will set me up for a sweet geek follow up rant. And for those of you living in my town: Watch your backs, nerds. I'll be in line as soon as the store opens. And I am definitely not
a morning person. Here's an artist rendition of what to expect:

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