Friday, February 10, 2006

Dominik: Real Gangsta!

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Ok, this is one of the worst/best things I've seen in many moons. Dominik (aka real gangsta) is some German dude who clearly spends his free time masturbating to Tupac records. Now I'm a fan of good hip hop, and have been for a long time. But the fact that someone like this exists proves that certain elements of popular hip hop imagery are tearing filthy, dirty crunk holes in the social fabric of nations around the world.

Dominik runs through the entire spectrum of hip hop album cover cliches, including classics like "I'm pointing my invisible desert eagles at you", "I'm so stoned all I can do is sit on the edge of my bed and watch the blunt smoke crawl out of my mouth", as well as many other fine examples of douchebag voguing.

Anyway, check out his gallery. It's good for a Friday laugh..

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(Thanks Gabe!)

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