Thursday, June 22, 2006

E-Bay non sequiturs


I don't use E-Bay, but I love reading the comments users leave about each other. Some dude named Andy46477 decided to leave lots and lots of non-sensical messages for other users on the site, and some are pretty funny. Here are some I liked :

-Say hello to Barbara for me. I've been watching her at night.

-I bet when you were born, you sold something right away. You're SUPERB!

-I love to sit here for hours and just count my balls over and over.

-I was staring. You are majestic. You could be a lion and walk in tall grass.

-My pet alligator is eating the crap you sold me. I hope you both encrustulate.

-My friend's mommy told me what Chocha means in Spanish. Then she showed me. A++!

Check the rest out HERE

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