Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Coulter Owned by Corolla


I try not to get political. There are enough blogs out there that do the job much better than I could. But I figured I'd make an exception to mention Ann Coulter. The way I see it, she's a horrible human being as well as being a despicable political talking head, so I don't feel bad bashing the crap out of her.

That being said, Annie Manhands (fig. a) called into Adam Corolla's radio show and got totally fucking served on air. The best-selling author of "Godless: The Church of Liberalism" called in a bit late and said she was tight on time, prompting Corolla to hang up on her.


(figure a: Coulter claw)

My favorite line: "Listen, you bitch, don't call in an hour and a half late and tell me you're "tight on time." Of course you're tight on time.. you're an hour and a half God-damn late calling into a radio show. Just take your stupid book and go pitch it to your stupid cable outlets."

Bravo. Check the transcript and Mp3 audio HERE.

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