Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ego Clash: Aleksey Vayner Vs. Brian Atene


As I've been infected by a slight case of blogslack, these two guys slipped through my nerd fingers over the past few weeks. I'm truly stumped by this one. I can't decide which of them has the biggest ego. Maybe you can help me decide. Either way, it's an excuse to post their awesome stories.

Aleksey Vayner


I'm pretty sure this guy comes up in the triple digits when you google the word asshole. At least he should. It's like he's a quigi board channeling the ghost of Douche Bag's past. Here's the basic story: Aleksey was a Yale student that sent around a video resume chock full of ridiculous lies and questionable physical "feats" to a company with the tag line "Impossible Is Nothing." The video was so absurd it became instant viral material. Here are some of Vayner's apparent claims:

He was employed by both the Mafia and the CIA during his childhood.

The Dalai Lama had apparently written his college recommendation.

He has killed two dozen men in Tibetan gladiatorial contests.

He claimed that he "is one of four people in the state of Connecticut qualified to handle nuclear waste".

And the list goes on and on. For more on Vayner go HERE and HERE and HERE. And here my friends is the infamous video. Enjoy.

Brian Atene


"Good day, Mr. Kubrick." And so it begins, the acting tape that caught the attention of the world. But clearly the world wasn't ready for the acting skills of Brian Atene. Mr. Atene sent a video to Stanley Kubrick in 1984 when he was seeking talented young actors for Full Metal Jacket. Suffice it to say, Brian didn't make the cut. But with quotes like "You will find in me the finest actor of the lot, the most beautifully trained, the most capable", it's no wonder he didn't get his chance. In the video he delivers one of the worst performances I've ever seen. His overacting is truly in a category all by itself. Not since Darrel Bluett have I felt so incredibly bad for someone attempting to impress an audience.

Since the video, people have come forward claiming to be Atene, and further complicated the story. For more on Atene, go HERE and HERE. And here is the video that started it all...

So who do you think takes the prize? I'm leaning towards Vayner. But you gotta give some credit to Atene..the guy actually tried to act whereas Vayner pretty much lied about everything in his vid. Man, this is hard!! But I suppose we all win when assholes of this caliber allow us a glimpse into their deluded worlds. What do you think?

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