Thursday, December 14, 2006

Museum Of Kitschy Stitches


Retro rules my strange distorted reality, and there is not nearly enough internet love devoted to the fantastically jazzy awesomeness of the clothing of yesteryear.

The Museum of Kitschy Stitches has answered the call. Just take a gander at this tall drink of polluted water:


His hair reminds me of when I'm too broke to get a haircut and accidentally use too much conditioner and its a windy morning on the way to the subway. Poofed the fuck out. I probably also like this pic because his suit has the same hideous quality of the background color on this website. I suppose colors that make my skin crawl make my brain smile.

Anyway, the site is chock full of old school fresh gear. It's going on my blogroll. Because any site dedicated to people wearing clothing that looks like muppets spontaneously combusted on them is A-Ok in my book.


(Click pic for site!)

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