Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Monkey(s) For Helping!


Well my fine friends, indeed the time has come. For many moons I have slapped my simian paws on these dusty keys, providing you with tray after tray of bite-sized stupid sandwiches to feast upon. And now the day is upon me.. the day any monkey for helping must face. It is time to find others of my kind.

It's like the old timers always say..one monkey is not enough. So I have decided to call forth four others to help me in our mission. From now on, Monkeys For Helping will truly be plural.

So please welcome to the M4H team The Unbeatable Kid, SleepONE, Mr. J, and The Mantis!

So from now on, you'll see more posts, more variety, and much more stupid.

Monkeys For Helping:
We're like just Voltron, except instead of robots, we're internet nerds.

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