Monday, April 02, 2007

Pardon The Break..


I've been busy wrestling packs of wolverines on my recent expedition to the Hinterlands. Actually I've been working, but that sounds wicked bloggy and boring if you ask me. I'd rather just lie to entertain us both if you don't mind.

Damn world. Why do you have to interfere with my invisible universe of stupid? I need a doppleganger robot to go to work for me so I can spend my important daylight hours hunched over a dusty keyboard bringing me face-punch inducing internet sedation.

What I regret: I missed Karl Rove becoming a pioneer in the field of awkward white moments. Very blogworthy. Not unlike having Piranhas eat my eye balls.

Fuck it. I'll just have to work harder to bring the ruckus. No time to fake the funk. Next time, I promise I'll have a karate man kill a baby for every day I'm absent.


That should keep me on my toes.

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