Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Retro-Encabulator


I always say that science is a subject for robots and people smarter than me. Things that require explaining are better left to the grey matter set. The wee brains of the world (ie: me) are perfectly content with not understanding things. Suffice it to say, science and technology are always something that have totally baffled me. Yes, baffled. I've truly been a baffled bastard since I can remember remembering. Give me simple math and I'll show you a grown man cry.

This explanation of The Retro-Encabulator has more tech and science talk in it than all smarty science books in nerd university. My brain didn't understand this fantastical machine, but my heart tells me I fucking want one in my living room to protect me from unseen magic I can't possibly comprehend.

(via Videosift)

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