Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Adam Freeland - Ghetto Tech

So a little bit of history/dirty secret: I am an aging raver. Back in my heyday, me and my friends, some of whom also post on this doozie of an internet journal (the kids are calling them "blogs" apparently), used to pile into shitty cars and drive all over the northeast (Portland Maine to Washington DC was our turf) to pummel our neurons with chemicals and loud, repetetive music. And while I've grown out of the chemicals (most of them, anyway), the loud, repetetive beats stuck with me.

Sure, I like all sorts of shit, from hip hop to old soul to funk to alt country to post-punk to folk to latin, but when I want to go to my happy place, when I want to stroll backwards into the dopest memories I can drag up in my oversized head, I throw on some breaks. Not breaks like the stuff hip hop is based on (I ain't forget, Gabe, the uninitiated start here for a primer, and if you don't like reading, stare at/listen to this discussion of the Amen break), I'm talking about that glorious amalgam of Kraftwerk-like industrial sounds, bass music, slowed drum'n'bass drum editing, and a hefty dollop of funk slathered on top (start here).

And almost from day one (literally, I copped his first mix in 1996), Adam Freeland has been my go-to dj/producer. His "sound" has always been one step ahead of the game, and I have always appreciated where he's gone with his shit, always finding the perfect mix of rock, warehouse hardcore, hip hop, techno, and funk (he calls it "ghetto tech"). So you can imagine my excitement when I learned that he will be visiting my corner of the world tomorrow night at Axis in Boston. If anyone's in the area, it's $10 at the door, no dress code, sure to be a breakin' good time (go here for more info). I'll report back after it's all gone down, but until then, check Adam's label, Marine Parade, for a heaping helping of the baddest breaks around:

Sorry to ramble, but since I'm stuck here in my office with no one to share my excitement with, the faithful readers of this blog are the next best thing...

EARS STILL RINGING UPDATE: Holy fuck. That was one of the 5 best performances I've ever seen. If you get a chance, SEE FREELAND ON THIS TOUR. YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED.

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