Friday, May 25, 2007

American Gladiators On Family Feud


I was kicking it at The Unbeatable's cribbo this past weekend, and had the joy and privilege of taking a trip down memory lane by watching one of the most craptacular shows of yesteryear: American fucking Gladiators.

The show had it all..steroid-enhanced pseudo athletes, radical theme music, Larry Csonka, and of course, the best gladiator (and bizarro Dwayne "Dog" Chapman lookalike) Malibu.

So here's sweet throwback from '94: Check out Richard Dawson doing his thing with the Gladiators on the Feud. Tell me, doesn't Nitro look alot like a non-pud version of Kevin Federline? Good thing Nitro doesn't believe in the Internet. I bet he'd shoot me with a high-powered tennis ball right in the beans just for saying that.

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