Friday, August 17, 2007

Blog Delayed Due To Chocolate Rain


Back to the world I know. My trip was to see a very grand canyon, lots of desert, and the totally surreal twilight zone known as Las Vegas. Got to gamble, Got to see one of my best friends get hitched, got to grow a totally boss Larry Bird-esque mustache, and got to take a break from the monotony of my daily grind. Double plus thanks to my fellow monkians for holding down the blogpiece. It's good to be back..Life is good, work is boring, and the internet is fantastic.

While I was gone, lots of things happened..bridges fell, Kevins Federlined, perpetual wars raged on perpetually, Mario Batali got redder and fatter, Jason Bourne delivered ultimatums, and Karl Rove ended his rapping career permanently.

But in my opinion, the most important thing that happened during my period in absentia was the world being introduced to a young, brassy baritone by the name of Tay Zonday.

6 million people can't be wrong. It's a fact: Mr. Zonday makes it rain..chocolate style.

What is it about this video that gets me going? I don't know. Maybe it's the way he sings out the side of his mouth and rocks permanent surprised face. Maybe it's because he sounds like Orson Welles and Darth Vader's Canadian nephew. This song is gold. Watching it feels like God is playing ping-pong with my eyeballs. I can't stop listening to his hypnotic siren song. I know I'm like two weeks behind the internet on this one, but I couldn't help it. He's like a subdued, more talented William Hung, minus the TI-82 and muskrat teeth. But I know you're asking, what's the only thing that could make the song better? Here's a hint: It's 3 syllables, sweaty, and lives in a man's chest. Booyah. Getyoasstomahz.

(thanks Nuno!)

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