Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hi! My name is... Ms Q!

If Recon is the balls, then I'm the vagina.

Another train ride. Another faceless arm touching your arse through the crowd. Never mind everybody else - what is so urgent for you at home that you work 14hr days only to rush home in a frenzy and add to the disgruntled public transport statistic? This bastardised government won't listen to you. Nor will the next. Delayed supply for the rising demand.

The elderly couple who just wanted to ride into Circular Quay for a quiet meal are being jostled and have no option but to hover dangerously close to an infected metal handrail in the middle because they're afraid to venture to either of the split compartments. They hold hands not just because they're in love, but because we are terrifying. white/black/yellow - we are their terrorists. We, in our hoarding "Noughties" OMGWTFBBQ mental-masturbating bubbles, decide whether we will part the Tangara Sea, allowing them to alight at their destination or not. That sort of power is dangerous, yoyoma!

Preggo looking nauseous, bent over backwards while her unborn kicks blissfully and unknowingly into her bladder. Be kind or she'll kick your face off. She has absolutely every right to if she is standing in a train carriage full of able-bodied people. She is far more valuable than any of us, and deserves respect.

The rest. Them. You. Raising your iPods to the sky in a cement tunnel is ridiculous - technology may be fast, but no iPod needs coverage. If they do and I'm unaware, then your iPod is lame for not working in a cement tunnel - get a refund, you Muppet. Listening to it at maximum volume doesn't make you cool, it just annoys the hell out of us. To those that sing along - quit it. To those that speak loudly on their mobiles - quit it. To those men and women who swear obnoxiously - quit it.
Swearing is uncouth, base, and unattractive. shitfuckballsackvaginacuntcuntmotherfuckingcunt.

Gravity-defying hair with thanks to hair product = 2001.

The cutest photos we all have are from early primary school,
when we didn't know what "hair product" was. Coincidence?
People remember shitty hair.

Who am I? I'm one of Them. I'm just like you. Wait. I dress better. /joke/

Back to basics. Drop the ego. Work back some karma. Manners. Common sense. Common decency. Respect. When was the last time you did your one (1) selfless good deed for the day? (Re?)Start. It's good for the soul.

Your possessions do not make you.

You are part of the problem. You spend each and every day enduring, existing, entropic. You bitch and moan about everything around you when you can flip it and pull yourself out of this shit. Nobody promised you sunshine and farts without you having to work for it.


We all are, Mate.

Change what you do or keep letting what you do change you.



(dropped over several train lines - no suitcase? no bomb!)

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