Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Enter The Vu


Continuing in my series of things that inspire me, I present for your viewing pleasure Tom Vu. I posted about him before a couple of years back, and thought I'd share him again. My friends, this new video is glorious.

A few of the infinite number of reasons to believe Tom Vu:

Tom Vu has a fucking helicopter.
Tom Vu's system helps people with amazing mustaches.
Tom Vu rolls with a posse of girls from Poison videos.
Tom Vu is a successful poker player, who are well known for their trustworthiness.
Tom Vu says don't listen to your friends. They're losers.
Tom Vu took time out of his important yacht trip to share his knowledge with you, so you know he's telling the truth.

Go ahead, watch it. Capture the eye of the tiger. And if you happen to be a refugee living in a crowded shanty house somewhere wondering how you are going to make ends meet, fret not my friend. Tom Vu has an answer for you.

This guy brings joy to my life for the few minutes I can witness his glorious financial independence manifest in material form. And I now believe that one day I will be able to stand in a driveway and pretend I live in the house at the end of it.

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