Friday, January 16, 2009

Black Metal Monday (on Friday)

It's been a while, and it's not even Monday, but I thought I'd drop in on my face-painted brethren at to see what's new in the world of evil incarnate. Thankfully, Satan has been hard at work in the recording studio, as evidenced by the following holiday-themed releases:

War Hammer Command has released "Hellish Wrath," and not a moment too soon, as my mom has been harping on me about hooking her up with some new holiday tunes. describes this tour de force as "War, Nihilism, and Misanthropy! Impressive corpse-painted Brazilian Black Metal full of rage and aggression! Absolutely fuckin' great, highly-recommended high-calibre, yet still Underground attack-- believe it!" Oh, I believe it. Especially after enjoying such ditties as "Sodomize the Dead" and "Infernal Holocaust Dissemination." Normally I find that albums embodying War and Nihilism are just OK, but throw in a pinch of Misanthropy and you've got the makings of quite a party!

Next up is the long-awaited (at least for me, anyway) REISSUE of Carcass' classic "
The Reek of Putrefaction" CD. I'm going to be honest here: while I understand that "putrefaction" has vaguely yucky connotations, I didn't know until just now that it's "the decomposition of animal proteins, especially by anaerobic microorganisms" (thanks wikipedia). While you might be asking, "Who cares, as long as it's evil?" it helps explain why this particular re-release comes in a limited edition MEDICAL WASTE BAG. Also sealed in this medical waste bag is a DVD entitled "The Pathologist's Report Part 1" which, I'm assured, will "satisfy even the most gore-obsessed diehard CARCASS fanatic out there!" Given the Oscar buzz surrounding "the Pathologist's Report Part 2," this re-release couldn't be more timely.

Finally, in the "Evil AND Clever" department comes this 2005 release by Misantropical Painforest, "Winds Saturate with Inhumane Longing." After trying to imagine the evil backslapping and demonic high fiving that must have followed that play-on-words, we are treated to this surprisingly effective description: "Misatropical Painforest play chaotic, yet epic Finnish Black Metal violence borne of solitary journeys into ancient forests, recorded in the midst of the very atmosphere that this mind-bending music evokes. It incorporates influences from Doom, Death, Thrash, and traditional Heavy Metal into its Underground BM core, melding thematic minimalism with progressive, torturous and innovative arrangements. This is a stunningly original, grandiose and uncompromising vision of an ancient world undefiled by the sickness that grips modern Man!" Reading that, and checking the song titles ("Besmeared the Tunic of Honour," "Demons Haunt this Forest") I imagine these dudes worship Sauron, not Satan, adding a dash of nerdery to their "Finnish black metal violence"...

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