Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Spirit

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Today I realized I'm starting to catch the Christmas bug. In other words, I'm totally gay for Christmas. I fucking love the holidays. I love all of them, not just the ones I celebrate. I love the idea of holidays. The idea that certain days of the year are designated by tradition and the powers-that-be as " everybody just chill the fuck out" days is simply brilliant.

When Obama takes office, the best thing he could do for this country is to declare a second winter holiday. Just a few days tucked into the tail end of February somewhere. Call it Obamicus. The people will love him for it.

I forget how much I love holidays during the mundane months. These days the presents are more boring. But the sad truth is I'm 31 years old and I really do need socks. Naturally the other items on my wish list are all equally tepid, practical things that also exist on the "socks-level" plane of excitement and wonder. Represent. Old man style.

Yet somehow getting older doesn't dull my excitement. I may be older and wiser, but inside of me a hyperactive annoying kid geeked on pixie sticks and fruitless hope is slowly trying to claw his way out.

I still shred the wrapping paper on my presents like a coked up wolverine. Can't get enough of it.

Christmas. I fucking love you.

So I was trolling the picture archive, and pulled out all my favorite holiday pics from past years. Check these out:

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