Monday, June 20, 2005

Crack open the blogohol


Hello internet, and greetings fellow bloggerians. I'm Recon. I just left Tblog, and since all the cool kids are coming here, I decided to drink the kool-aid. To all of you who managed to make it from my old site, I'm glad you made it. I hope it's as craptacular as you remember.

Thanks to friend Rinna's design and the wonders of Science and Technology (fig. A) I'm up and running. I still gotta fix some issues with text and layout, but it should be good by weeks end. I gotta say, HTML is hard! Holy christ my head hurts. There are 8 year old hackers in Thailand creating superviruses on cell phones and I can't even change the color on my blog without feeling like bugs are chewing my brain. I feel like Chekhov when Ricardo Montalban put that cockroach in his ear in The Wrath of Khan..

(figure A: "science & technology")

So bear with me while I get the site pimped out. In the meantime, for those of you new here, check my old site out. And if anyone knows a HTML wizard, summon them for me!

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