Friday, October 31, 2008

Stop: Candy Time.

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Happy Halloween, monkiacs!!! Can't wait to see how many people are going dressed as Sarah Palin or the Joker this year. Someone should combine them to create an uber-topical culturally relevant mega-costume, and they should talk like Borat the whole night, just to add extra played-outness to the event. I for one plan on getting diabetes from eating candy and look forward to dressing up as your boy Jesus Christ for the festive occasion. (Husky chain-smoking Jesus to be exact). But if I wasn't already going as Jesus, I'd most definitely go as any one of these amazing individuals:

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Lord help us all. I would actually kill an endangered species to be able to dress like one of them. I'd make cologne out of their bathwater if it would guarantee I could be 1/1000 as cool as they are without even trying. These are truly notable specimens of human perfection. I mean, come the fuck on, already! They look like Carter-era porn gaffers moonlighting as Scottish Daredevils.

So in the true spirit of Halloween, I wanted to post one of my all time favorite videos. It's really an internet classic, but for some reason I never got around to posting it on M4H. Check out Klaus's strange first day in this amazing German Forklift training video. I won't ruin it for you. Just watch it till the end.

I hope you all have a wicked weekend..and if you are out candy hunting tonight, remember the code!

(link via Neatorama, amazing picture via the always amazing katastrofala omslag)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lady is the Boss - Bicycle Fight

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How on Earth the Shaw Brothers consistently caught lightning in a bottle time after time is absolutely beyond me. How could so much greatness come from one place? It's stupefying. This scene has everything a person like me wants and craves in a film. Kung fu, drama, dangerous construction sites, BMX, the toils of the working man, and an adventure-seeking posse of jazzy Asian ladies with Pat Benetar haircuts. Oh, and it's from 1983, the year that everything looked awesome. Enjoy.

(via Afrojacks)

UFO Guy for President

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What do you get when you combine UFO conspiracy, Matthew McConaughey, Psilocybin, Airports, and Barn Jackets? You get this fucking guy. What a champion. Peaking on drugs, he spots a local news crew and decides to go for it. At first I wasn't totally sure he was on something. But then he said "I'm always hallucinating" which pretty much sealed it for me. Cheers, sketchy frisbee-golf drug mule guy. You make us all want to believe.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mondays are Pure Evil (Tuesday Edition)

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Last night I settled in to post some brutally hilarious black metal for you all, when I discovered that my computer has been infected with a malware trojan virus...That's hijacked my Google and redirects all my search results to bullshit shopping websites...And deleted two of my more recent posts here on the webinet...And blocks my ability to restore the system to restore points in the past, no matter how many times I hit 89.9 miles per hour...And makes my illegal mp3 downloading unbearably slow.

Thankfully I've got my trusty MacBook, so I won't miss a beat per minute. And once Mrs. Mantis and I upgrade to our new hive this weekend, and I'm settled in, I'm going to hunt down that virus and choke it to death with my bare hands...

...which reminds me, have you heard the new Satanic Corpse? Inspirational. Feel-Good LP of the Year. Play it for your Nanna. Grandparents will especially enjoy "Agony and Death Necrotizing the Bone," and I'd recommend "Comfort in the Darkness (Retreat from the Writhing Pain)" for weddings and bar mitzvahs. describes this surefire crowd-pleaser as "A brutally grim mix of raw obscure darkness and Blackened ritual incantations featuring neo-classical keyboards, grinding Thrash guitars, blasting rhythm-machine, and an unholy variety of vocal ranges including orthodox Black Metal screech, Deathish growls, solemn intonations, epic chorale, or strange gothic opera, and funereal lamentations. The songs are mesmerizing in their overall chaotic unpredictability, and utterly cult Satanic atmosphere. Recommended only for truly adventurous diehards craving deeply Satanic music. Devilishly delirious and deliciously Demonic!"

I have also been meditating to the dulcid sounds of Kratornas, the Jonas Brothers of black metal, on the Infection/Fudgeworthy label (love their holiday promo cd, btw). The new 7" is called "Hallow Ground Destruction," and it is so bad ass that it even butchers the English language on its campaign of literary carnage. The special edition picture vinyl, seen left, makes a striking stocking stuffer or Hanukka gift. describes Kratornas thusly: "High-density grinding Thrashing Black Metal darkness and deathish brutality from the Philippines; in the chaotic and cruel, noisy vein of GOATPENIS, LUST (Canada), ENBILULUGUGAL, and BOTULISTUM." Shit. I love ANYTHING in the vein of Goatpenis!

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Kaiju Anatomical Drawings

Pink Tentacle has a series of spectacular Kaiju drawings that makes the inner nerd inside me that wishes he became a scientist go "Sweeeeet!" Unbeatable, this scientific diagram of your boy Godzilla is an early Christmas gift to you. Holler at your Otaku.

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Awesome Beard Chart

It's getting cold outside, and I think it's time to grow a proper beard for the winter months. Nevermind that I'll look like a homeless pedophile lumberjack. I really think it's a must. Luckily I have this totally bosstastic chart to help me.

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(via Dyers via Gorillamask)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Summer Of Tears Vs. Teen Wolf

Check out
this brilliant rehash of the cinema classic and Michael J. Fox vehicle "Teen Wolf" by comedy troop Summer of Tears. Somehow they managed to harness lasers and nerd magic to insert themselves in the movie, leading to frequent hilarity and comic moments. Never mind how they did it. I tried to understand it and my face started to swell up from the stupid inside my brain. Good stuff. This also made me remember how fucking strange but at the same time undeniably awesome "Teen Wolf" is. The jury is still out on "Teen Wolf, Too". As Michael Bluth he shines, but Bateman just couldn't sell the wolf to me.

Friday, October 24, 2008

You Just Got Served - Public Service Edition

If there's one good thing to come out of this election this is it:

Infinite Chiru Horse Slide

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All hail Chiru. Thanks to some excellent internet nerdery, we can now watch his most awesome of moves for infinity.

(via Turbanhead)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

French Thriller Lip Dub

Old Michael Jackson was so boss. Remember Thriller? It's an album so good that it's songs are still totally tits 26 years later. Just ask Chiru. Or Filipino prisoners. Anyway, I predict this amazing continuous shot Thriller re-enactment done by French students will go ultra uber-viral. It's fantastico. It's like happy candy for the mouth inside my 80's-saturated nerd brain.

Trick or...

This picture brings me back..To a hidden dark place. It all started when I got lost in Rotterdam after attending the David Coverdale impersonator convention. It was the heady summer of 1990. I was backpacking about Europe, a happy shiny lad with stars in my eyes. But fate failed to inform me that on that beautiful night I had ventured...onto the wrong side of the tracks.

I saw them round the corner, a thick floor of smoke at their feet. And then they spotted me. Coverdale#3 wrapped his bolo tie around his fist and punched it, grimacing at me with his hollow, cruel eyes. Oh yes, my friends. They had heard my mocking laughter from the stage. It was time for me to pay for insulting their vast array of colorful Bonnie Raitt scarves. They would make me suffer for desecrating the name of the great David Coverdale with my cruel hyaena laugh. Yes, they wore rouge. But these were not gentle men. I can't describe what happened next to you, fair readers. But do believe those David Coverdales did things I will not soon forget. I assure you, it was NOT love that I was feeling on that awful, godless evening.

I was raped by a pod of Coverdales.

(yet another supreme picture pilfered from a site that punches the internet square in the taint with godlike awesomeness.)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mondays Are Pure Evil

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(cross-posted at

Many moons ago, I became slightly obsessed with the Black Metal scene in Scandanavia, Northern Europe, and anywhere else white people can get together, do speed, wear corny stage makeup, and make terrible music. While I've got nothing specific against Christianity OR Norway, and though I absolutely can't STAND the music itself (makes Slayer sound like the Wiggles), the press releases and promotional copy these bands/labels churn out is pure comedy gold, as exemplified by the earnest (and unintentionally hilarious) copy posted on After all, when pure evil is your BASELINE, it's awfully hard to differentiate your product in a decidedly saturated market, so monikers must be over the top, song titles should disturb and offend, and cover art ideally triggers your gag reflex. Hopefully this will be the first installment of my weekly feature examining some of my favorite unintentionally hilarious black metal releases:

The new THUS DEFILED disk, "Daemonspawn," which is reviewed thusly: "Sakis of ROTTING CHRIST provides guest-vocals on track 2!" That Rotting Christ cameo will ensure thousands of extra spins on the radio, and maybe a diamond encrusted platinum inverted Jesus piece in the Hype Williams-directed video...

Hot off the presses it's the new
LUFTWAFFE RAID joint, described as: "Satanic NSBM-oriented thrashing darkness and chaotic atmosphere featuring MOAT mastermind Warharan, with GODLESS / ex-LETHAL PRAYER drummer...According to Warharan, Luftwaffe Raid is not a band with NS ideology." (so they're NSBM oriented, but do not have a NS ideology. mmmmkay....)

In case that crap is too "unicorns and rainbows" for you, may I offer you the newest charmer from EVISCERATED, entitled "Gorging On Rotted Entrails": "Blood, gore, death, rape obsessed brutal Death Metal from San Antonio, Texas." Some song titles included on this fine release include "Suicide by Self Disembowelment," "Severed Foot F*ck Fetish," "Fetal Consumption," "Toilet Bowl Bowels," and my personal favorite "Penetrating of the Rotting Orifice" (I'm assuming this would be the radio-friendly ballad).

Finally, I give you
HELLGOAT/LEGIONS OF ASTAROTH, a breezy release off of the Deathgasm/Vile Art record label (these guys will be DOMINATING the ringtone market in no time, mark my words!). Here's how this Seacrest-approved hit factory is described on their new split release "Moonlight Ritual/The Moon Bleeds Red Upon the Earth": "Hate-filled. Misanthropic. Occult. Evil. All adjectives probably well-overused to describe Black Metal… but damned if I could come up with anything better to describe this offering from [both of] these USBM terrorist cells." It's really too bad I've already gotten married, because I would have a hard time deciding which song to use for the traditional first dance: "Turning the Skies Black with Nauseating Rage" or "Absence of Self in Vile Chaos"? You can see my dilemma...

(Thanks to for the hours of fun, head over to check out some of the streaming samples they offer, and maybe in exchange for your web traffic they won't put a hex on me, murder me, boil my brains in a stew and make a necklace out of my vertebrae, like Ohlin and Aarseth).

UPDATE: Lodi points out that a blog post on pure evil isn't complete without at least one Dick Cheney reference/image. To give him more of a black metal flavor, I've found an image that combines uncut nerdery with pure evil to give you Dick Cheney as a Skeksi:

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Science = Lasers

One of the most fabulicious perks about growing up in the 80s was the laser portrait. and now there's a blog devoted to this bold period in portraiture. We have lasers!

Nothing guarantees an eight year old's happiness like a background of lasers. Check this girl out, with a
defiant yet carefree smile that remains unphased as intergalactic battles for the fate of the universe rage behind her. Look out world here she comes. No, seriously, look out. There are fucking lasers everywhere and they could blind you at the very least.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Metal Gear Cat: 1, Dog: 0

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Steven Seagal vs. Helicopter

God has a ponytail and does Aikido.

Lynda Carter vs Gargantua

This battle symbolizes so many things in my life. It could easily represent my relationship with women, God, or even creativity. But it really reminds me of that glorious summer party of 1979 that I dressed myself as a fancy lady and got attacked by a wild street gorilla while out on my evening back alley strollabout. Ah, sweet memories.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Presidential Debate Remix

This is so wonderful I have no words. Truth be told, I couldn't sit through the debate, and only caught bits and pieces. Thank God there are nerds with Final Cut out there who can explain these things to me in a manner I can digest. Obama: "I reserve..the party..with Putin." Bravo. Just fucking brilliant.

(thanks Aaron and Kuru!)