Thursday, September 28, 2006

Picture Of The Day


Screw Om, this guy is my new mantra.

MC Miker G and DJ Sven - Holiday Rap

Little Superstar has officially become an internet sensation, and alot of new info has come up about the fantastic clip. Since watching it, I have become obsessed with finding out what the awesome break is that the pop-locking manchild is dancing to.
Thanks to the fabulous nerd power of Mefi users, I have an answer.

MC Miker G and DJ Sven's "Holiday Rap" is the jam in question.

If you already weren't sold on the track alone, check out Miker and Sven's totally hype promo glossy:


Fan fucking tastic. Now watch the video. Tell me the beatboxing sequence isn't the best thing you've seen all week. These guys are easily the greatest and best dressed rappers of all time.

The Visions of Juhan Af Grann


Juhan Af Grann (aka J.A.G.) is a Finnish director/producer famous for his UFO documentaries. He also claims to be in contact with Aliens. Anyone claiming visions from outer space always has a place on my site. But if they happen to also look like a pedophilic Dragonball Z character, then all the more reason to showcase them.


(Click pic for visions!)

(via Presurfer)

Teach In - The Robot

If Abba, Dschighis Khan, and Kraftwerk had an orgy during a 1970's cocaine marathon, "Teach In" would be the result of their dirty, drug fueled love. As soon as I saw the giant robot on stage, I nearly wet my nerd pants. And when he started to talk the robot talk, I almost swooned. Simply glorious.

(via strangefindings)

James Jean

Check out LA based artist James Jean's online portfolio..From the X-Men to the NY Times, this guy has some awesome stuff..


(click pic for more!)

Bowie On Extras

Watch as David Bowie freestyles song about Ricky Gervais's character from the new season of Extras. "The little fat man with the pug nose face" line kills me. And the song is pretty damn catchy. I can't wait for the new season to start on HBO.

Also from the new season, check out these clips with Legolas and Harry Potter.

(via Waxy)

Battleship: Sexism Edition

Check out these pics I snagged from the Sneeze..


Seems like a typical 50's gaming night..but what's that in the background?


If you guessed ridiculous sexist stereotypes, you win!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Picture Of The Day


Two questions..

On the left: woman or man?
On the right: song or yawn?

This is like a Zen Koan with a bad wig on.

Indian Thriller

First the breaking midget, now this. It seems that the internet gods have blessed me again with this fantastic Indian throwback. Check out Tollwood megastar Chiranjeevi rocking out as a Telugan version of MJ. If it had Vincent Price in it, I'd definitely prefer this version to Jacko's. The breakbeat copyright infringefest in the middle is sheer low-tech brilliance. It's like someone played the original for a monkey with a casio and paid it a bucket full of peanuts to recreate it.

(via Daily Nut)

Cats That Look Like Hitler

Page upon page of cats that, well, you know.


(Click pic for more Kitlers!)

(via The Soup)

Shaolin Kung Fu documentary


This National Geographic documentary on Shaolin monks is outstanding. Some of the subtitles are screwy, but it doesn't interfere with the pure ninja awesome. I've never seen so many 8 year olds that can kick the crap out of me in one place.

Cassettes de Gasolineras

Check out this fantastic gallery of cassette tapes found in Spanish gasoline stations..Featuring stars such as Pancho Y Javi (aka Hispanic Wham!)


Teen Wolf beard enthusiast Toniel Gitano


or my favorite, Gay Def Leppard cover band Mabel


Check out the whole gallery HERE.

(via Johnnyuma)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Picture Of The Day


I bet it was a Bearclaw that did him in. Those things are the best.

Little Superstar

Being a blog nerd is alot like being a crappy fisherman. Sometimes you catch some good ones, but it's mostly luck. Sometimes you get those "hey guy, look at this" emails filled with things you saw 2 years ago when you were just a JV internet nerd. But occasionally, someone sends you the best thing you've ever seen.

This video in one of those things. When I'm stressed out, I go to a special place inside my mind to get away from life's madness. And that place happens to look exactly like this. A beatbox, mustache, electro, a midget, and some fresh popping and locking. Jesus Christ. It really doesn't get any better than this.

(Thanks Kuru!)

Dali vs. Disney: "Destino"


This is just bizarre to me. Back in 1946, Walt and Sal decided to collabo on a movie together. The result was "Destino","a six-minute film devoid of dialogue that follows a dark-eyed ballerina on a journey among strange objects through a desert landscape in a dreamlike atmosphere."

Check out these amazing clips from the movie...

I would love to have been a fly on the wall during the brainstorm session..

(link via M&C)

Crazy Xbox Lady

This Microsoft commercial makes me proud to be an Xbox 360 owner..Watch as this lady pretends to shoot a gun which somehow sounds remarkably similar to a baby parrot getting hit by a car.

Bizarre Book Index

You may remember some of these gems from previous pics I posted..This is an awesome collection of strange books including such bestsellers as "Kamasutra for Cats", "The Disadvantages of Being Dead", or my personal favorite.."The Truth About Fonzie". Fantastic.


(click pic for site!)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bear on Trampoline

Saw this on Weeds the other night..I guess there's not much need for explanation...

Deal of the Century

Image Hosted by

Satan's Singalong!


Happy 666! Yes folks, this is my 666th post. So in light of the occasion, I decided to show some love to the big man down under. Here's Satan's song from South Park: The Movie. That last high note is Satanerrific.
Big shout outs to all my fallen homies on lockdown in the hot place! 666 posts and going strong!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Picture Of The Day

Image Hosted by

(thanks Gabe!)


This is the current winner of the Association of Independent Creative Editors Trailer Park contest that created the brilliant Shining Redux last year. Tom Cruise and Bollywood go together like L. Ron Hubbard and crazy. A perfect fit.

Swedish Metal Aid

Many moons ago, Joey Tempest from 80's Swede metal gods Europe decided to call up 120 of his fellow Swede metalheads to put together a mega tribute to help save the starving in Africa. The results are truly breathtaking.

Jesus Christ. I'd rather starve to death than hear this more than once. Never has so much hair and mediocre singing ability been assembled in one place. For some reason this reminded me of the intro to Fraggle Rock. Except that song is much much better than this one..

(via WFMU)

Bruce vs. Kareem

Speaking of Boss, here is a wicked boss fight from Game Of Death. This is the Bruce Lee version, the way he wanted it to be shown.

Banksy Show

First he punks the shit out of Paris Hilton's new CD with Dangermouse. Then he does up Disneyland poli-style with a Guantanamo Bay detainee. The guy is king. He'd have to abduct a princess and fight Italian plumbers to be any more boss.

Check out some pics from a recent celebrity saturated show in LA...I gotta say, Meg White is pretty hot for a vampire.

Image Hosted by

(Click pic for gallery!)

(Thanks Lodi!)

Wicked Kid Drummer

This kid is 4 years old and plays drums better than I ever will. I really shouldn't be jealous of children. But you have to admit he is a little bastard for being so damn good.


Folks, it's been a week..I have been at the rent's house looking for trabajo and haven't had time to blog it up, so I apologize...This past weekend I went to my boy Jay's wedding and had a blast. They had wicked food, good drink, and a cake (it didn't look like this one):

Image Hosted by

The part of the evening that left a lasting impression on my mind was when it was decided that we should do the Hora (the jewish wedding tradition where the bride and groom are lifted up on chairs and danced around). I was underneath the groom.

Well I guess I was drunk and didn't realize what I was getting myself into. (The groom is around 6'4 and like 250.) The next thing I know I'm holding onto a chair leg for dear life while my booze-pickled muscles slowly give out on me, hoping that the song will end before I fall to the floor weeping like a scared baby.

And then it happened. My grip slipped, and the chair came crashing down.

Onto my head.

Image Hosted by

I figured I'd share so others can laugh at my misfortune. Because Ow=funny.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Picture Of The Day


If God loves Afros and pelvic thrusts, I'll praise his ass.

Mugshot Battle!

Today is a somber day, and if you're here you probably don't want to deal with the 9/11 memorial madness sweeping the net/tv/papers/minds of every person in the world..Instead, help me figure out who has the best mughsot. And out of respect for 9/11, I threw in a few terrorists just for fun. Just because they hate our infidel asses doesn't mean we can't laugh at their ridiculous appearances. So, cast your votes and help me decide..

who's mugshot reigns supreme?

#1: Nick Nolte


I'm too lazy to read the backstory on this, but I bet it has something to do with binge drinking-induced sleep deprivation and swinging wildly at invisible air demons. He looks like the nazi who chose the wrong grail cup in Indy 3. In a Hawaiian shirt.

#2: James Trafficant


You may remember Mr. Trafficant from our previous Hair Battle last year. I remember him as that guy who looks like a shaved silver back Gorilla. It's so amazing how bad hair can make anything fantastic. It looks like the mashed potato mountain Richard Dreyfuss sculpts in Close Encounters.

#3: Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri


Al-Marri's case is complicated. Supposedly connected to terrorism, he is curently on perpetual lock down courtesy of Uncle Sam. But who cares about the details. He's clearly a enemy combatant fighting a holy war on good taste. If Bin Laden wants to blow up a Dokken concert, he should send this guy.
The "business in front, jihad in the back" ape drape could not be more perfect.

#4: James Brown


Money is wasted on people with no sense of creativity. I would spend my hypothetical untold millions to see a drunken bum fight between JB and Nick Nolte. The shit would be better than Harry Potter vs. Voldermort. What a cryptic smile. James Brown: Mona Lisa of the drunk tank.

#5: Khalid Shaikh Mohammed


Although not technically a mugshot, this has got to be one of the best photographs of the decade.
It's pretty obvious the Swat team didn't let Khalid sleep in. Call me a conspiracy buff, but I find it hard to believe that Ron Jeremy is the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. And you'd think that with that amount of body hair someone would have dipped into the Al qaeda petty cash and sprung for some electrolysis. He looks like a Wario Chia Pet.

#6: Patrick Tribbett


Finally, what kind of competition would this be without the Golden boy of mugshots. Mr. Tribbett was caught in front of a Bellaire, Ohio store trying to buy more paint and keep the party moving. Pat's just a regular guy. He puts his pants on every morning just like the rest of us. Except instead of coffee and Regis, he huffs spraypaint. But before you judge, realize that the man is clearly a fucking champion. Noone remembers the name of the guy who got caught huffing silver.

So there you have it, folks. Cast your votes! Let the battle begin...

Mr. T Punches Sharks

Image Hosted by

(via YTMND)

Chinglish Flickr Gallery

Engrish isn't old and busted, but Chinglish is definitely new hotness. Check out this huge gallery of Chinese English abuse.


(Click pic for gallery!)

A proper tribute to Mr. Irwin

R.I.P. you crazy bastard.

Image Hosted by

(via YTMND)

Bloodsport Mentos

This made my day. The famous Hong Kong Chase scene has been brilliantly transformed into a Mentos ad. Hard to believe that there was time where Forrest Whitaker, JCVD, and Ogre were in the same tax bracket. 1988 was a really good year.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Picture Of The Day

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and told me to dress like Barry Gibb.

Final Countdown: Megamix

Press play and scroll to enjoy my ghetto fabulous multimedia homage to Europe.

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

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Godamn I love that song.

MC Trebek

It's a fact: Alex Trebek rocks microphones. Even sans mustache. "MC Trebek in the Hizzouse" is easily the best Jeopardy category ever. I gotta say, the dude does a wicked Snoop Dogg.

Back on the Blogahol

Image Hosted by

Well I'm back from my blog hiatus..My brain was too full, I guess I needed to defrag to make room for more nerdery..As an apology, I offer you this video of one of the truly epic battles of our time..KITT vs KARR. I'm pretty sure Hoff is rocking Soul Glo in this clip. His manfro is simply glorious. Why should you watch this? Three words: Turbo Boost showdown.

(via Transbuddha)