Monday, July 31, 2006

Picture Of The Day


Retarded on beer or actually retarded? You make the call.

(via Eatliver)

Vader Being a Smartass

Darth Vader proves once again that he is the dark lord of the force of comedic prowess. So fucking funny. Vader's got no time for the haters.

One Inch Punch Documentary

Mondays suck, so watch this video and use the powers of visualization to make your day brighter. Imagine yourself one inch punching the faces of every person in your office. There, don't you feel better?

"How to" list mega list


One of my favorite sites of the moment is Look At This. They have a list of how to's that is truly staggering. Tons of crap I always wanted to know about and alot I didn't want to know are on this list. I'm proud to say that now I know how to fake my fingerprints, start a meth lab, build a tardis, do algebra in my head, and yodel. Now if there was only some some way to combine those powers. I'd be a godamend wrecking machine!

For more awesome lists, Check out the whole list HERE..

3 Dev Adam: Turkish Spiderman

A few months back I got to watch this with a few friends out in Seattle, and I didn't remember alot of the details. But this clip brought it all back.

Imagine Spiderman. Now instead of being a hero, try to imagine him as a ruthless killer. Add giant eyebrows, Mexican Lucha-god Santo, and Captain America. What do you get? The best fucking movie ever, that's what.

What impresses me the most about Turkish cinema is the blatant copyright infringement. Unlike the great Turkish Star Wars, This movie violates three characters that someone owns the rights to, and for some reason that makes me three times as happy watching it.

You have to watch this now. If he wasn't still alive, Stan Lee would be spinning in his grave.

Top 10 Obscure Sports


I am a huge fan of off-the-beaten-path sporting events. Some people like the baseball and football, I'd say i'm more of a Lucha Libre/dead eel tossing kind of guy. Frankly, unless there are wicked fights or unexpected acts of god in a game, traditional sports usually bore the shit out of me.

YesButNoButYes have put together a list of the world's most obscure sports, and some are definetely awesome. I'd slap a cobra to get some video of the Unicycle Hockey World Championships. Check out the list HERE.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Picture Of The Day


For shame, Jean Luc. For shame.

Swedish Chef TV


When I was a kid, I used to love all things Jim Henson. I would go nuts for the "yep yep " aliens on Sesame Street. But nothing made me crazier than the Swedish Chef.

I don't know why, I just love the guy. He doesn't speak a lick of English, spends his time trying to kill chickens, and has eyebrows like Abe Vigoda. What's not to love.

Check out Swedish Chef can watch several episodes of the chef at work streaming...God bless the interwebs.

Back to the Future Revisited

Haven't you always wished you could watch the end parts of Back to the Future 1 and 2 where both Marty McFlys are in the 1950's at the same time WITHOUT setting up 2 tv's and being labelled a freak by your friends and neighbors? Well my friend, it's your lucky day.

Japan's underground photography

You watch Japanese animation and you assume that the creators must have extreme imaginations or at least access to copious amounts of under-the-counter pschycotropics. Looking at these pictures I can see that maybe Japan is just a trippy fucking place to be. Some of this shit is straight out of Akira...


( Click pic for gallery!)

(For more on Japan, check out Tokyo VR project. An amazing VR gallery of subways, streets, and other stuff around Tokyo..)

Scooter Merry Go-Round

Some jackass tries to spin a ghetto merry-go-round with a scooter wheel. The results are painful, hillarious, and educational. Think Macgyver meets Corky.

Peter Jones's Monkeys

Uk artist Peter Jones loves monkeys as much as I do. He probably loves them more, seeing as his amazing paintings dedicated to them are far more impressive than my ugly orange blog. Whatever, it's the thought that counts, right?

Peter says "Monkeys know how to be funny and provocative, how to amuse and entertain with their sparkling wit and that famous monkey magic. They are honest, imaginative, motivated individuals, and can easily sympathise with other animals so even the most shy creatures open up to them."

You know, if you replace the word "Monkeys" with the word "I", you are pretty much looking at my cover lettter. No wonder I'm unemployed.


(Click pic for gallery!)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Picture Of The Day


I want this on a t-shirt more than I want Airwolf back on the air.

Hiroshi Ishiguro's Doppleganger


This just in: Japanese roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro cloned himself. The robot is named Geminoid HI-1, and it talks and acts like a person. According to Wired, "Ishiguro, whose job is teaching at Osaka University, an hour's drive away, designed Geminoid so he could "robot in" to his classes and skip the commute."

Ishiguro is known as part of the team that designed the uber-creepy "Actroid" android receptionists. My question is this: What music is it listening to?


My guess: Kraftwerk.

(click pic for the whole story!)

Cursor Kite

How fucking cool is this kite?? The pictures are from Burning Man, which looks like alot of fun. I would totally go if it had air conditioning.


(Click pic for kite site!)

(via M&C)

Banksy News Special

This is a 9 minute British news piece on my favorite artist, Banksy. Definetely worth a watch for those unfarmiliar with his work. For Banksy fans, a rare chance to hear audio from the elusive artist himself. Includes footage from his infamous rogue museum installation..

For more on Banksy, go HERE. Check out Shepard Fairey's take on Bansky HERE.

Strange Statues Around The World

This is an awesome gallery of weird statues worldwide. You'll definetely recognize some from M4H such as naked man kicking baby, and Optimus Prime...Sweet.


(Click pic for gallery!)

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Picture Of The Day


Deko-Tora: Japanese Decorative Trucks

I found this on TV In Japan earlier, and it got me googling. Deko-Tora, or decorative trucks, are a cultural phenomenon in Japan. Truckers pimp out their rides with Tranformers-esque metal, flashy retro-futuristic lights, and stylized murals. It's so popular, there's even a video game series...Check out these pics:





I'm totally fascinated by this. I wonder if these trucks are actually used to deliver stuff..If so, who wouldn't want to be a truck driver in Japan? One thing's for sure, You wouldn't need amphetamines to keep you awake on an all night haul. Just thinking about being surrounded by super bright, flashy stroby things makes my brain swell up. For more on Deko-Tora and its similarities to Pakistani art truck culture, go HERE. For a video clip of 1970's Deko-Tora, go HERE. And for more awesome pics of Deko Tora trucks check out the mega gallery HERE.

MST3K- A Day At The Fair

This is a short about a state fair from Mystery Science Theater 3000..Man I miss this show. "This is the fairground, where the fair is held. Any questions so far?" LOL

Fantazy Land- World's Worst Theme Park

I just came across this thread on travelled to Alexandria, Egypt and went to what I can only imagine is the worst fun place on Earth..So unbelievably shitty. It looks like something out of Thundar the Barbarian, except slightly more crappy and apocalyptic.

Looking at these pictures, it's hard to believe the park wasn't completely condemned. I seriously would have gotten back on the bus as soon as I saw the sign at the front gate. The more I think about it, I think they intentionally misspelled fantasy so as to avoid getting sued by any dissapointed thrill seekers. Kind of like how Froot Loops can't get sued for not using real fruit.


(Click pic for more shittiness!)

(via Memepool)

Kris Kremo-Juggling Jedi

Forgive the video quality, it's a clip from a wicked old tv show. But it really doesn't matter that it looks like it was filmed on cardboard because this is the sickest fucking juggling you'll ever see. Maybe you're a juggling nerd and have seen much better. But I wouldn't admit that to anyone if I was you.

Profesional Rock Stacking

The boys over at Team Sandtastic sure know how to stack rocks in extremely cool ways. Check these out, some look like they defy the laws of physics:

RockStack -1004

(Click pic for gallery!)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Amazing Mr. Woo

Juggling a soccer ball has never looked so good...

Reverend Alicia

Yahweh Ben Yahweh is a cult leader close to my heart. Not only does he have a vicious old school beard and robe, he claims to be the messiah, which gets crazy point across the board from me. Check out his videos for some hillarious madness.

Reverend Alicia likes YBY so much, she shows her love through the ancient art of chair dancing. Really fucking awesome chair dancing. Warning: song may wash brain and promote Yahweh servitude.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been trying out a new job this week and have been stupid busy. More tommorrow. In the meantime, enjoy the pure fucking madness of Chaccaron. 10 Banannas to the first mental genius to explain this to me.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Picture of the Day


Korean robot company Robo3 sells awesomeness. Like the R7 above. Same price as a Segway, but you won't look like a total jackass riding it.

(thanks Frank!)

Moskau Redux

Undoutedly you've all seen the original Moskau video from the gods of Euro disco Dschinghis Khan. Well my friends, here is another longer live version. As I always say, life is much sweeter with retro German Disco bands. Just watch it till the end. Bald guy, mustache boy, bizarro Yngwie Malmsteen, and cape dancer entertain us with a 4-man russian dance extravaganza. Honestly, when the hell is VH1 going to do a Behind The Music on these guys?

Stop Motion Space Invaders

Auditorium + gamer nerds + editing = fucking geek brilliance.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Picture Of The Day


This is a pic of "Lazy Sunday", a fantastic painting by Brandon Bird. Honestly, if Christopher Walken made robots he could easily take over the planet. I for one would follow him to Hell and back. Check out the whole painting HERE.

The Vader Sessions

Wow this is funny. Someone took James Earl Jones dialogue from other movies and overdubbed scenes from Star Wars movies. The results are pure comedy gold. My favorite part: Vader, talking to Leia: "dontcha papa me girl...i'll papa u so thatcha never forget it. You get your black ass outta here." WTF? LOL!

Time Netsule


I always wanted to make a time capsule as a kid. Then I realized I'm not much of a fan of digging or the outdoors. Now I can do it online.

Time Netsule is basically an online time capsule where you can store images, messages, and anything digital on the net to be opened in the future. It costs a few bucks, but seems pretty cool. Or you could go the broke route, and email yourself in the future at

Check out Time Netsule HERE. And for more on time travel, check out this excellent site.

3D Crop Circle

A new 3D crop circle has turned up inEngland...The site is less than a quarter of a mile from the Uffington White Horse and Wayland's Smithy, a Neolithic burial chamber built in 3700 and 3400 BC.


Say what you will about their origins, but crop circles are badass. Some of these designs are amazing. Check out this one. And this one. Cool, huh?

For more on crop circles, go HERE.

Louie C.K.

This is a clip of Louie C.K's standup that I found particularly funny. The bit about being broke is fantastic...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Picture Of The Day


Aren't you curious to see what the old design was?

Andre The Giant vs. Hulk Hogan

March 29th, 1987...Wrestlemania 3. Andre The Giant took on Hulk Hogan in a match that remains a defining moment in my childhood. When Hogan picked up Andre and slammed him to the mat, the world was never the same. This is one for the wrestling fans.

Gallery of Secret World Wizards

Honestly, that's the best I can describe this site. Basically it's a page full of fantastic individuals who clearly know something we don't. Sign me up. I want to know the secrets that make people smile like that.


(Click pic for gallery!)

Jamaican Tour Guide

This is a clip of a hillarious Jamaican tour guide talking about a historical place where Bob Marley used to smoke in Kingston..In the spirit of historical recreation, he proceeds to light up and smoke a big fattie in front of everybody. Just wait till you hear his laugh. It's so awesome I want it as my ring tone.

How Japanese Style Illustration Works


This is a cool interview with Japanese artist Gez Fry that sheds some light on the process of creating Japanese Manga and animation. Some of his stuff is pretty cool..Hard to believe it only took him 2 years to get this good...


(Click pic for interview!)

Qigong master vs. Animals

It appears that Qigong master Dr. Kanzawa is using his Jedi powers to cause zoo animals to fall asleep. Granted, zoo animals sleep alot, but I'm convinced there's real magic going on here. My favorite part of this video is the fact that the zoo officals let wizards in to experiment on their animals. And also that there's a godamned Pikachu at the end of the clip.

Top 10 Game Show Hosts

This is a list of the best game show hosts ever... I fully endorse this list because it contains Don Francisco, and because Gene Rayburn is number 1. Who's Gene Rayburn, you ask? Most know him as the guy on the gameshow network with the long mic and hyaena face. To me, he's the epitome of 70's cool. A master of charming drunken B-list celebrities, Gene could stop a charging bull in his tracks with his incredible pallete of gasfaces. For example:




Now I hope you can see why he's number 1. Check out the whole list HERE.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Picture Of The Day


Damn Brazil, why'd you have to go and lose? Oh well, there's always next time. You might have had a chance if you had some moxy like Zidane..


Monkey Pac-Man

Technically it's Ms. Pac Man being played by a Bonobo chimp. But the important thing to remember is that monkeys can do anything. And the sad thing is this monkey is way better at Pac-man than me.

Coulter Owned by Corolla


I try not to get political. There are enough blogs out there that do the job much better than I could. But I figured I'd make an exception to mention Ann Coulter. The way I see it, she's a horrible human being as well as being a despicable political talking head, so I don't feel bad bashing the crap out of her.

That being said, Annie Manhands (fig. a) called into Adam Corolla's radio show and got totally fucking served on air. The best-selling author of "Godless: The Church of Liberalism" called in a bit late and said she was tight on time, prompting Corolla to hang up on her.


(figure a: Coulter claw)

My favorite line: "Listen, you bitch, don't call in an hour and a half late and tell me you're "tight on time." Of course you're tight on time.. you're an hour and a half God-damn late calling into a radio show. Just take your stupid book and go pitch it to your stupid cable outlets."

Bravo. Check the transcript and Mp3 audio HERE.

Tak Cool

I really think this kid has a future as a rapper, because few people can brag with such class and charm. This kid is lightning in a bottle. What he lacks in sleeves he more than makes up for in mic skills. I dare you to find a catchier hook..This has been in my head ever since I saw it yesterday. Not sure if it's fake or not, but I could really care less.

(Thanks Laura!)

Mini Organ


This is a great collection of rare and vintage toy sound machines from the 60's to the 80's...from wrist watch organs to Bee Gee's endorsed plastic synths, this site has a ton of vintage audio weirdness..

Here's my favorite:


And I just had to include this one just because I am a huge fan of tastenmechaniks..


(Click pic for more!)

Grizzly Man

I saw this awesome Werner Herzog documentary last week called "Grizzly Man." It's basically about this guy named Timothy Treadwell who lived in Alaska and kicked it with Grizzly bears for 13 summers..He goes totally shit house insane crazy, but gets some footage that is truly amazing along the way. Even though he ends up being eaten by his friends, this movie is totally worth checking out..Here's the trailer..

And this is the bear flick I want to see next..Tarantino on Charlie Rose talking about "Project Grizzly"...ROFL at the swinging tree..



Back on the grid, monkeys...Gone a week, and my robot rickshaw driver is exhausted.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Audi 5000 Monkey edition


Well I'm out for few...I'm going up to my friend the unbeatable kid's fantastic boat house...happy 4th everyone!..while I'm gone, please enjoy these wonderful pictures of the history of monkey transportation..