Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hoff Airlines

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David Hasslehoff. What can I say about this man that the world hasn't said already. Son of the devil. Master of the man-perm, and mustache. Brilliant thespian. Devoted lifeguard. Singer. Eskimo Impersonator. Knight Rider. Germanic cult figure. You name it, he's done it, smoked it, slept with it, mastered it, or ruined it. He is a blitzkrieg of style and artistic talent. A Renaissance man with a Malibu tan.

And now, thanks to the ingenuity of the folks over at The Knight Foundation, he has become a paper airplane.

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(Click Hoff plane to get your own..)

I wish I worked in a cubicle environment just to able to whip these at all my co-workers every day. The pure joy I would get from seeing the stunned faces of my fellow drones witnessing a Hoff fly by would be well worth the agony of a 9-5. This reminds me of amazing social experiment "Jeff Glodblum is Watching You Poop" (fig. a) but fully loaded with hellspawned Hoff power. Genius.

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Fig:A: "jgiwyp"
(Click the Blum to let him watch you!)

Now go to work tommorow and unleash the power of Hoff on your unsuspecting coworkers!!

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