Monday, January 16, 2006

The Hinoi Team feat. Koriki Choshu "Night Of Fire"

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I dare you to not be addicted to this song after watching this!

Japanese super group The Hinoi Team have teamed up with comedian Koriki Choshu to bring us "Night Of Fire", the most infectious groove since the Baha Men asked all of us who was it that let the dogs out so long ago.

This is currently burning up the charts in my house. I'm gonna put this joint on blast for at least a week. By the end of the day my family will want to set me on fire.

It's so annoying and ridiculous that it transcends shitty and becomes something truly wonderful and awe inspiring. I absolutely love the dance routine. Koriki Choshu looks like one of those dudes who guides the planes into the gate at the airport. Except he's rocking a speedo and a fucking gold cape. And could those girls be any cuter? It's like they came out of some fantastically sexy Shibuya vending machine. Man, this video is just about perfect.

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