Monday, January 23, 2006

Hoff Pepsi!

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God bless the Australian Ad wizards for coming up with what might be the best ad campaign ever.

We all know that The Hoff is as powerful as a God and possesses a hellish voice more evil than Satan himself. His smile has been known to start fires and his eyes torch villages. To look upon him is to gaze into the abyss..and any mortal foolish enough to cast his stare on him is overwhelmed by the irresistable drink soda.

I swear, Pepsi must have bartered the fallen soul of Britney Spears to broker this deal. I'm an old-school Coke classic guy, but now that Hoff is backing it, I might have to make the switch to Pepsi out of principle alone. I haven't been this riveted by a musical corporate mascot since the golden age of the California raisins.

Anyway, click the Hoff Pic below to download some amazing desktops, screensavers, and "Hofficons" to fill your computer full of pure unbridled evil...

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