Monday, April 17, 2006

kick like kung fu flicks by run run shaw

The Shaw brothers are the shit. They created classics like 36th Chamber of Shaolin, the Five Venoms, and The One Armed Swordsman. Without these guys, Kill Bill would have sucked and Wu-Tang clan's first album would have been alot more minimal.

Check out this unbelievable gallery of all the Shaw Brothers posters. They have so many movies! This is a veritable trove of kung fu fan boy nerd treasure. I could spend hours on this site...And now I have three more flicks to add to my "must see" list:

"The Oily Maniac"

Image hosting by Photobucket

"Scandalous Warlord"

Image hosting by Photobucket

The Super Inframan"

Image hosting by Photobucket

Fan fucking tastic. Check out the gallery HERE.

(via Geisha Asobi)

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