Monday, July 24, 2006

Deko-Tora: Japanese Decorative Trucks

I found this on TV In Japan earlier, and it got me googling. Deko-Tora, or decorative trucks, are a cultural phenomenon in Japan. Truckers pimp out their rides with Tranformers-esque metal, flashy retro-futuristic lights, and stylized murals. It's so popular, there's even a video game series...Check out these pics:





I'm totally fascinated by this. I wonder if these trucks are actually used to deliver stuff..If so, who wouldn't want to be a truck driver in Japan? One thing's for sure, You wouldn't need amphetamines to keep you awake on an all night haul. Just thinking about being surrounded by super bright, flashy stroby things makes my brain swell up. For more on Deko-Tora and its similarities to Pakistani art truck culture, go HERE. For a video clip of 1970's Deko-Tora, go HERE. And for more awesome pics of Deko Tora trucks check out the mega gallery HERE.

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