Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Indian Superman returns!

Like the many powerful arms of Vishnu, the movie Indian Superman must have many incarnations, each more fantastically retro-awesome than the last. I have seen/posted alot of clips from different versions, but none is as fabulous as the one you are about to see.

This clip is from a flick called "Dariya Dil" and has some of the best dancing I've ever seen in it. Superman also kicks game to Spiderman. Who is apparently a girl.

The first minute or so is singing and "flying". But but wait it gets worse. Once Superman and Spiderlady land things get crunk with the quickness. Points of interest:

1:16: Superman engages in a priceless and hypnotizing body freakout.

2:14: Superman dispatches thugs with the aid of the worst special effects ever created to the sounds of a Bengali Jan Hammer drum solo.

4:04: Block party.

(via Turbanhead)

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