Monday, December 04, 2006

Benny Hinn is so going to hell

Jimmy Swaggart

I personally think televangelism is pretty ridiculous, but I don't claim to know a lot about it so I assume some of it might have value. But I'm pretty sure that Benny fucking Hinn is not one of those people doing good things.

(For a revealing glimpse into his totally shady empire of greed in the name of god, watch this NBC expose HERE and HERE.)

And of course, this Benny Hinn classic:

After watching that, I was pretty convinced the guy was faking jacks in the name of the J man. But what makes me think he's definitely on his way to the hot place is this:

Benny Hinn is currently soliciting donations from his followers for a private jet.

Yes. A private fucking jet. Hard to believe, but read about it HERE.


Are you serious? God dammit, God! Would you please just go ahead and damn this man already! I wish Jesus would come back just so he could lay the smackdown on this douchebag. Honestly, someone who is all about the Trump combover and blinging his bloated life out with people's hard earned money is not someone I would put much faith in. Here's a little excerpt from the site:

"Purchasing this incredible ministry tool is monumental and historic. We have never bought any plane with this much range or capability that will crisscross the globe repeatedly so I can present the Gospel in person to unprecedented millions of precious souls who will accept and come to know our wonderful Jesus as their eternal Savior.

Now is the time to move forward with Dove One. What we do for the sake of the Gospel, we must do now!

I ask you to prayerfully read the brochure I have enclosed. I am praying that the Lord will speak to you to be one of 6,000 partners who will give $1,000 now or in the next ninety days to cover the remainder of the $6 million down payment for this powerful ministry tool for evangelism."

Good god that is so wrong. Hence, the title of this post. Let's just hope that his followers have a limit to their insanity. Benny, I have just one thing to say:


I have a question: If Jesus did come back, what do you think he'd use to get around?

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