Friday, May 18, 2007

Falling for the Hype: Transformers

OK, I know that I'm not supposed to give a shit, most summer blockbusters are made to minimally entertain rhesus monkeys (actually, that's unfair to rhesus monkeys, even they won't sit through another Nick Cage vehicle without repeatedly pounding the "sedate" button in their laboratory cages), but I am pooping in my Soundwave Underroos about the live action Transformer movie coming out this summer. Anyone who ever held one of the first generation Transformers in their hands, those sturdy metal toys that were clearly so badass they could turn a My Little Pony into Elmer's glue just by LOOKING at her, can't honestly say they're not a little excited.

They just released the third full length trailer, and the fledgling opticals are making my nerd-parts feel funny! Seriously, watch this trailer and tell me your tribbles aren't growing as you watch! I know the fanboys are supposedly pissed, but seriously, I don't care if they let Pee Wee friggin Herman voice Optimus Prime, this movie HAS to be good!

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