Monday, May 14, 2007

Feel Good Movie of the Year

I saw "28 Weeks Later" last night. Boy do I enjoy anything that deals with the undead: "Shawn of the Dead," "Night of the Living Dead," "Army of Darkness," "American Idol," "Dawn of the Dead" (just kidding about "American Idol," I can't watch that shit, those motherfuckers are SCARY). Combine blood-thirsty 'roided-up zombied with a dystopian near-future/urban occupation/warzone, and you've got "28 Weeks Later."

I hearted the first one a lot, and was worried that they'd go all commercial thug on the second one, especially with the introduction of a NEW family, since I really thought the personal relationships in the last movie were organically developed and not forced, which is a tricky feat for movies these days. Not to worry. It's not even really a spoiler to confirm that the family starts falling apart IMMEDIATELY once the movie starts, which makes for good cinema and drama. Also, they didn't go too heavy with the special effects in this movie, which I really liked since the first movie succeeded on a bit of a shoestring budget because Danny Boyle, the original director, really captured the shaky-handed, disorienting, adreneline-feuled sheer panic of a widespread and violent pandemic. The new director (can't think of his name, feel free to look it up if you're more motivated than I am) kept it real with this format, and there is a scene where the outbreak begins in a crowded and cramped room of humans that definitely doesn't disappoint.

Anyway, I recommend this movie. And for anyone who is going to see it, or has already seen it, there is something darkly ironic about the fact that Mrs. Mantis and I went to see this flick on Mother's Day...I give it two thumbs, a big toe, three neck tendons and most of a decomposing arm way up...

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