Monday, May 14, 2007

Just take your beer and get out of here

<The Landlord>

Why is it that skits with Will Ferrell are so much better than the movies he's done? Now, admittedly, I haven't seen the new ones (that weird one where he's the subject of a new book is supposed to be good, and "Blades of Glory" looks passable), but the rest of the drivel he's made in the last few years makes Adam Sandler's filmography look like Sir Lawrence Olivier's. I mean, "Bewitched?" WTF? So I'm always happy when I see a drop dead funny clip like the one above, it reminds me that all is NOT lost with Ferrell, and maybe if he just keeps his hair long and keeps acting next to hard-drinking toddlers who swear like sailors, he'll pull out of this thing yet...

(via Funny or Die, click if the vid above doesn't load right...)

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