Friday, May 04, 2007

Steven Seagal - Girl it's alright


Despite what you may think, Steven Seagal is not just a pony-tailed killing machine and energy drink enthusiast. He is also a poet.

Check out his song "Girl it's alright"..

I know you might be saying, "Hey, the guy is a top notch movie actor, but I can't really get behind him being a singer." Well before you get all Van Damney on me, here are some lyrics for you to chew on..(the parentheses contain my additions..)

If I were to say that now I have everything
And I want you to stay no matter what tomorrow brings
Would it make you feel something so real?
(Like breaking your arms backwards?)

Like even speaking your mind
Whisper your wildest dreams
Girl it's alright by me
(If not, lady I swear I'm going to break your arms)

Once there was a king who lived in a foreign land
Had riches and gold, the envy of every man
But he somehow missed out on what I have now
(Because he died after I shot him in the face and broke his arms)

Cuz if I dream in this world
You're all that I'll ever need
Girl it's alright by me
(if not..well, all I'll say is that it involves your arms and me breaking them)

If you're not sold into adoration by those golden words, please report to Mr. Seagal's trailer for immediate arm breaking.

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