Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dear Jesus...

Hey Jesus! What's up? Long time no speak. How's your summer going? Great. Hey, if you do plan on coming back to Earth anytime soon, I'd appreciate you swinging by so you can explain the meaning of these two sonic abominations created in your name. My God. (not you, it's just an expression.) Seriously. JC. What is the fucking deal with these guys? Jesus H. Christ, Jesus! I think you might have a serious stalker problem on your hands. I'm just saying you better watch out. Please, if you do make yourself seen to them, make it in the form of a lightning bolt. These crazy bastards have got to go. Heaven or Hell, I leave that one up to you. Just get them the F outta here, they're creeping me out!! (JK, JC. I wouldn't wish your holy wrath upon anyone. That's mean, and it's just not me;) But foreals. Jimbo. These people are totally crazy for you, man. As your friend, I just wanted to give you a heads up. Just call it a friendly little FYI from your Uncle Rico. So holler at me some time, we should definitely get up before the summer is out! Peace Jeezy! Send my best to your Mom and Dad!

Your friend,


(PS: I'm still waiting on those lottery biggie, just get them to me whenever you can! thx!!)

(via M&C, Transbuddha)

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