Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Hexstatic vs Kris Menace - Invader


This video combines two of my favorite things: Electronic noises that sound like robots making babies with laser beams and old school video games. Ninja Tune Jedis Hextatic meets Space Invaders. Solid. Rave friendly, seizure worthy. Double plus good.

For more Hextatic goodness, check out this Street Fighter 2 mashup. Just because..Street Fighter is the shit.

Nerd Log 3/4/09:

I've been playing Street Fighter 4 the last few weeks, which is a game Jesus would play if he came back. I'm pretty sure if he got his lightning-infused well manicured hands of this game we'd all be fucked. He wouldn't heal anybody or do any of the magical shit people would expect. He'd just sit in his apartment and get thumb callouses from throwing waves of fireballs and executing super ultra combo dragon punch finishes until his holy Jesus eyes teared up and burned from lack of blinking. Hadoooken!

(via Offworld) Thanks Alex!

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