Friday, March 20, 2009

Kraftwerk - Die Roboter Live 2004


This is an absolutely outstanding live performance of "The Robots" from Kraftwerk's 2004 World Tour. Sweet Robot Jesus these guys are good. I can't imagine being there. My inner Rave child would catch an aneurysm and stroke out. All you'd see is a dude with his mouth gaping open from the awesome overload slowly collapse on the dance floor. Yeah, I'd die. But I'd look way cool with all those precise German lasers bouncing off my lifeless corpse. Rave or Die! That would be an awesome way to go out. People probably would assume I was doing something akin to modern dance and wouldn't check on me for at least an hour. And in that time, hilarity would most definitely ensue. Think Weekend at Bernie's at Burning Man.

Mantis's homeboy (and M4H compadre) Ryan saw Kraftwerk live back in the day and witnessed several grown men crying in the audience. I can now see why. If the robot that lives inside my chest and controls me was capable of producing tears, he'd be crying his little metal eyes out right now.

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