Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tecnhicolor Nerd Explosion


So I started a Tumblr blog this weekend, and I absolutely fucking love it. Microblogging is the equivalent to snorting lines of the internet. Instant geek gratification. I'll still be posting here plenty (or at least as much as I usually do:) This is just a way to share my links, pics, and random crap I might not get a chance to post or forget due to my ludicrous goldfish memory.

Wait, where am I? Oh yeah. Check out the M4H "Tumblelog" HERE. Or just scroll down and peep the jazzy little "Widget" I put underneath the Chatbox. +83 nerd points for yours truly! High five, myself. I am very proud of you. Good job.

But why step into the future, you ask? If gum-snapping Tweeners barely old enough to think can tweet their awful, streams of vapidity on bejewelled Miley Cyrus Blackberries standing up on a bumpy rush-hour crosstown bus ride, I can throw together a fucking microblog out of principle alone.


(PS: words like "tumblelog" and "widget" make me feel like the future version of the person I actually am, which is kind of uncomfortable. I don't have nearly enough leather trenchcoats or Kung Fu skills to be equipped to live inside the Matrix.

(PPS: "Tumblelog" and "Widget" are not words. One sounds like an Appalachian Woodsman sport and the other is an Ewok.)

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