Friday, March 13, 2009

Philip Michael Thomas - Just the Way I Planned It


After watching this video, I'm not sure about the conviction of the song title. I feel like Mr. Thomas is trying to convince himself that the vision of this laser-guided musical adventure is true to his original concept. But no amount of multimedia techno rave action can convince me that the person singing this song is even remotely talented. Yet entertainment isn't synonymous with talent. Which explains why a good mustache and wig combo is as riveting to me as Sean Penn going full retard or 3 hour movies with violins, long hugs and crying people.

Check out Rico Tubbs getting the Michael Jackson "Rock with You" treatment. The video is terrific, but the director might have considered leaving the psychedelic medium close up shots on the editing room floor.

He looks like a Latino demon monster from the seventh level of 1980's Hell. Maybe that's the look they were going for. If so, great job, and please ignore my observation.

(via Everything is Terrible)

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