Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Picture Of The Day


12 Things I Think About When Contemplating "Palomaz 7":

1- The caterers lounge at the 1983 Midwestern Neo-Nazi Neo-Jazz Festival.

2- The official pit crew of the 1974 Tri-Annual Swiss Go-Cart Olympics.

3- The simple beauty and affordability of shooting your album cover in the Regal Beagle.

4- Males over the age of 15 should never "Seinfeld" their slacks, even when sitting casually.

5- The noble truth that every proper gang worth its salt has a lady in it.

6- Somewhere in the frosty regions of Europe, skinny John Goodman has a Doppelganger who enjoys shaded old lady glasses and working with his hands.

7- Bowling hustlers from rural Swedish/Norwegian border villages are most definitely nothing to fuck with.

8- Pictures of people looking off camera are really unsettling.

9- Having words that look exactly like "diarrhea" on you album cover is not a good way to generate buzz on the pop charts stateside.

10- Baseball goatees and pervert mustaches are timeless phenomena spanning borders and decades.

11- I don't own blue socks and have no regrets about it.

12- "Palomaz 7" means "Date Rape Knife Fight" in Swedish.

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