Monday, July 06, 2009

James Brown Ski Party


How Rad were the 60's? James Brown went to Ski lodges and showed the whitest people on the planet what cool looked like. And they're all "right on" and just go on sitting there, completely in control of their faculties. How is that? If I saw the Godfather of Soul blast through the door on a fucking dog sled I'd shriek like a squirrel monkey and slap my own tear-soaked face for seeing a thing of such terror. I wouldn't be ok. I'd be exactly like the dude in Fire in the Sky when he came back from getting abducted. While every one was busy dancing, I'd be under the kitchen table holding my legs, trembling. No. Too much awesome cannot be seen with human eyes.

Watching this makes me realize how far white folks have come in 40 years. At least we can clap on time now. These fuckers are awkward. It's like a Bjorn Borg house party recreated for a ride at Epcot Center.

(via Funky Junk Trunk)

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