Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Latest Episode in the Fo Drizzle Saga

To those who doubt Snoop's status as a budding Dadaist artist, I present you with exhibit b (not feat. Xzibit):

So... many... questions...

Did Snoop really hire some guy to hold an umbrella for him or is he just a well dressed friend/fan? If he is a Snoop Inc. employee, why is he wearing a pinstriped suit? Is the suit standard umbrella holder issue worn by all union umbrella holders? Did Snoop ask for a head shot to be submitted with the umbrella resumes? More importantly, why does Snoop need an umbrella when he's wearing what look to be a rain coat and a jungle hat? Aren't those things designed specifically to repel rain? Come to think of it, is it even raining because I don't see even the slightest hint of rain in this picture?

Apparently, there exists some kind of invisible rain that can only be felt by celebrities.

(photo via eatliver)

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