Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thriller 8-Bit Tribute Mix

Nothing approximates the soundtrack inside my head better than this. So cool.

It's actually too cool. I feel self-conscious watching it, like I'm a high school freshman again who just arrived at the cool senior party with nobody to talk to except my older brother who has a mustache and smokes cigarettes. Then I look around for him, suddenly realizing that he managed to disappear
into the crowd with a bunch of other people with mustaches, presumably to go and smoke reefer out in the garage and talk about tits and Metallica.

Now all I can do is watch my palms sweat and fight off the anxiety by drinking beer after beer and doing all the free drugs I can as fast as possible before I freak out, which in doing so would label me the "sweaty hands freak-out guy" for the next 4 years, setting up the core framework of my social identity which I will undoubtedly carry with me well into my dysfunctional adult years.

Wow. Where was I? Oh yeah. This video is like laser heroin for 30+ retired rave dorks. Watch it and prepare to have its wonderfully synthetic sounds engage in the act of taboo digital lovemaking with your retro-nostalgic ear drums.

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