Sunday, January 31, 2010

M4h News Bulletin:

Gang Truce Brings Hope for City's Future


Published: July 6, 1985

The people of Los Angeles rejoiced this afternoon, as the infamous Crips gang leader known as “Leonardo” met face to face with his long time enemy and Bloods gang leader “Red Ranger”, in hopes of negotiating an end to their decade-long street war waged against each other. The two men met in neutral territory inside a popular pizza restaurant downtown, both heavily protected by their respective faction members. Tense words were exchanged, but within a matter of minutes the two gang lords shook hands and embraced, symbolically bringing an end to the murderous violence and fear which has plagued residents for years.

In a press conference following the meeting, the Mayor declared the truce to be official. Almost immediately,
people filled the streets in celebration, cheering "Cowabunga" in honor of the historic day. Some laughed, some cried, others enjoyed pizza and fireworks with their forgotten neighbors and friends. It was a day many residents of the City of Angels will not soon forget.

As for the future, there is work to be done. Both sides vowed to work together in coming months to help stop gang activities for good. “I just wish Master Splinter was here to see his dream come true,” said Leonardo, referring to his recently deceased mentor.

Police officials remain skeptical as to whether L.A.'s other gangs will honor the truce, as several prominent crime figures did not attend the ceremony. Most notably absent was the eccentric leader of the Foot Clan gang, “Shredder”, who is currently in federal custody awaiting trial for illegal ninja trafficking and death robot manufacturing. Others were also absent, causing many to worry.

"It's a positive step, but there are still other gangs we need to stop. If Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa get on board then we might have something", said Lieutenant Stone. "But we have a long road ahead of us."

True. Let's just hope that the road isn't filled with giant space monsters.

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