Thursday, February 04, 2010

Japanese Star Wars Tuna

Star Wars and Japan can sell anything. This could be an ad for cans of weapons grade Anthrax and I’d still buy a thousand in Costco-size family packs and hoard them like Smaug the motherfucking Dragon guarding treasure in "The Hobbit". Normally I wouldn't be interested in purchasing anything that looks so awful, but for some reason I can't resist this. It's not my fault. It's Star Wars and Japan. That's peanut butter and jelly for the nerd's soul. I should never have underestimated the powers of their force.

I'd like to send a handful of kudos and an awkwardly long laser hug to the visionary director, for somehow making C-3PO ten times gayer than George Lucas ever imagined possible.
Seriously. No amount of Imperial programming can account for that much showmanship. He looks like a craft services protocol droid fetching water and cocaine for Nicole Kidman on the set of "Moulin Rouge".

1978 はごろも缶詰 シーチキン (via ksoik)

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