Sunday, February 28, 2010

Teach the World to Sing

Fun fact: The well tanned circus bears that raised Dolph Lundgren taught him to sing, dance and ride a unicycle in the hopes that he could put some "threat" back in the term "triple threat". But Dolph learned a lot of from the human world as well, like how to wear a tuxedo and not be afraid of fire. Thus, our hero can make a well dressed torch wielding entrance (at about 0:50).

Yes, strange things are afoot on planet Sweden, otherwise known as the Graceland of Scandinavia.

From Sweden, we travel half way around the world to St. Petersburg for another world champion of outstanding greatness, Edward Khil.

Clear evidence that the iron curtain was an effective policy: This guy was kept in and Yakov Smirnoff was let out.

Don't get me wrong, I love Yakov but as the great man himself once said. "In Soviet Russia, you don't laugh at the state of the country and in America no state in the country laughs at you".

But, seriously what is up America? We used to lead the world in production of ridiculous variety shows. Giants of the small screen like Laugh-in, the Gong Show and Hee-Haw testified to our greatness. Somehow, somewhere between the Jerry Springer and the Backstreet Boys, America lost her way.

We've got to get back to simpler times. We've got to strap on a smile, activate the jazz hands and show um what we've got. Come on people, how's about a little less Julius Caesar and a little more Cesar Romero?

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