Monday, September 19, 2005

Monkey Music Dump

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Hello internet, happy monday. So I was driving home today, and realized I have nothing to write about. I started to worry. Then I slapped my face and reminded myself this is just a fucking blog about monkeys which seemed to calm me down. So rather than whinge you into a coma over the uninteresting nuances of my awesome life, instead I'll give you music. Here are the songs I listened to today during my ride home..I linked the mp3's to the song names. If you like them, I'm glad. If you don't, then you're a soulless person and are most likely going to hell when you die. (just kidding. Enjoy.)

Charlie Tuna- Comin' thru

It makes me happy I still listen to hip hop when I hear a good artist when 9 out of 10 artists are just plain horrible. Charlie Tuna from Jurrasic 5 is a great MC, and one of the few left who isn't a clone, angry, or jaded. Plus he's actually talented, which makes him somewhat of a Hip hop unicorn.

Gorillaz- Dirty Harry

I love this track off their new album. The vocals on the hook are off the hook. But they're on the hook also. But also off the hook.

Minibosses- Contra

Minibosses=NES cover band. Me=Happy Nerd.

Eddie Grant- Electric Avenue

I remember my dad used to have this on cassette and I played it so much I broke it. No wonder I'm a sucker for all things electro.

Herbie Hancock- Rockit

If you call me, this is my ring tone. I might love it more than my family. The video totally freaked me out what with the robots walking around and all the machines doing weird shit. But it was a good freak out.

Chaka Khan- I feel for you

Chaka Khan..Chaka Khan..I don't know whats better..The rappy sing song at the beginning or the wickedly dated synthesized sax solo. Sweet.

Air- La Femme D'argent

This is one my all time favorite songs. These guys sure know their way around a studio. Makes me want to go to France and eat spacecakes.

Lee Perry & The Upsetters w/Max Romeo - Chase The Devil

"Lucifer, son of the morning, I'm gonna chase you out of earth". Lee Perry is a mad genius. This is one of my favorite tracks by him. It's been sampled to death by the likes of Kanye West and The Prodigy, but nothing beats the original.

De La Soul- Much More

These guys are another exception to the rule that Hip hop sucks in 2005.

Prince- Kiss

Besides anything by the Bee Gees, this is the only acceptable song where it's ok for a man to sing at such a high pitch. Minnesota has Jesse Ventura and Prince. It might be the greatest state in the land.

Richard Cheese- Shake Your Ass

And lastly, this is a cover of Mystikal's "Shake your Ass" by none other than the fabulous Richard Cheese...Never fails to make me laugh loud.

That's it. Hope you like them. These files expire in 7 days, so grab em up!

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