Monday, October 31, 2005

Eat candy for happiness

Happy Halloween, everyone!! I love Halloween. Candy is one of the best thing the Gods ever created. I miss trick or treating. I guess the good part of being an adult is that now at least we don't have to beg for candy. We can just buy as much as we want, and don't have to dress up as Napoleon Dynamite to get that sweet chocolate into our fat, wrinkled faces. Being old has it's perks.

So here are a few links in honor of annual candy day...

This is how people around the world celebrate..

This is how you get in trouble celebrating...(Thundercats, HOOO!!)

Check out some of these extreme pumkins...

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(Click Jacko lantern for more!)

Here are a few more intense Pumkins my friend Gabe sent me...

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(Click pic for more!)

Here are a few costumes that made me laugh....

Mr. T and A-Team van (classic)

Image Hosted by

Darth Dominatrix

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A masterful nerd and his AT-AT costume...

Image Hosted by

Technically not a Halloween costume, but the hat is boss city.

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And last but not least... here is a gem I snagged from the lovely ladies over at Lighterfluid and just had to share...

Image Hosted by

I never want to drink Pepsi again....

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