Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Gay's Lion Farm

Just a quick random link...This is a small gallery of a guy named Mr. Gay and his Lion farm. I felt like posting it because the look on Mr. Gay's face clearly shows he is insane. And crazy lion riders named Mr. Gay always have a place on this blog..

At its peak, the Farm housed over 200 African lions. Under the whip and gun of Mr. Gay, performed a spectacular wild animal act for the massed spectators. Many of the lions did, indeed, star in numerous motion pictures during the 20’s and 30’s. Jungle features like the time-honored Tarzan films, from Elmo Lincoln to Johnny Weismuller, utilized the roaring residents of Gay’s Lion Farm. The famous "Lion Logo" which ushers in every MGM motion picture was made with "Jackie", one of Gay’s most famous stars.

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Click the pic to see the rest!! And for more on Mr. Gay's lion farm, go here...

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