Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bladin' The Edge!

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The crew over at Sweatervest put this amazing video together along with the help of a few of my friends (shouts to Rondo, Fernando, and Air Epstein!) and I am truly proud to share it with you, my fellow interwebians.

a hillarious homage to radically awful rollerblading called "Blading The Edge". Chock full of fanny packs, Motley Crue, and of course, radical bladin'!

To quote inline skate legend and "champion winner" Fernando Springfield:

"BMX'ers got two wheels...skateboarders got four...We've got eight wheels! Do the math, asshole!"

LOL! Fucking comedy gold!

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(Click Fernando to watch!)

(* If file doesn't work, here's an alternate)


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